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Welcome to our New Priests

August 4 is the Feast of St. Jean Vianney, Patron of Parish Priests and the day new pastoral appointments in our diocese begin for the year.

We give thanks for those priests who have moved within our diocese to new pastoral charges. “It is never easy to pack up and move on but they have responded to the needs of our diocese with generous spirits,” Bishop Kirkpatrick said in his recent pastoral letter.  “May our prayers provide support and encouragement for them.  We pray that the people in parishes where changes are taking place will warmly welcome their new priests.”

This year, we welcome six new priests to pastoral service in our diocese, five of whom have arrived and are settling in to their new homes.
“We thank these priests for coming to serve in our diocese,” Bishop Kirkpatrick said in his letter.  “They have left behind their family and friends to be with us, to share the faith.  Let us welcome them with open hearts.”   


We welcome three priests from Congregation of Sons of Mary Mother of Mercy SMMM.
Two priests, Father Chinonso Francis Alaribe and Father Godwin Emeka Obike have arrived and are serving in St. Joseph, Little Bras d’Or; St. Anne, Alder Point and St. Joachim, Boularderie. 
The third priest, Father Christian Emeka Ugwu will arrive later from Nigeria, once he obtains his travel documentations.
These three priests join their confreres, Father Callistus Abazie serving in Guysborough and Father Jonathan Nnajiofor serving in Canso.


We welcome three priests from CFIC, a congregation new to our diocese.   
They are serving in St. Michael, East Margaree, St. Patrick, North East Margaree and St Joseph, South West Margaree and Stella Maris, Inverness, St. Margaret of Scotland, Broad Cove.

Fr. Joby Augustin was born on 2nd January, 1977 in the Province of Kerala, India and ordained April 25, 2007.  He will be the Pastor and Local Superior.  He has three years of experience in General Nursing. He served in the Archdiocese of Edmonton from January 2010 – July 2021.

Fr. Silvichan Dominic was born on 27th May 1979 in the Province of Kerala, India and was ordained April 5, 2008.  He will be the Associate Pastor. He served in the Archdiocese of Edmonton from March, 2013 – July 2021.

Father (Gustave) Daniel Tshimbalanga Musakay was born on 16th March 1973 in Congo and ordained July 17, 2005.  He will be the Associate Pastor. He is a bilingual priest, (French/English) and he served in the Archdiocese of Edmonton for three years and the Archdiocese of Toronto for past two years.

About the CFIC:

The Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Conception (CFIC) was established within the Church as a Congregation of Religious Brothers and Priests dedicated to the care and medical assistance of the sick and to the shelter and education of needy young people.

Today members of this Congregation include brothers, priests, doctors, pharmacists, teachers, lab technicians and nurses. The CFIC is present in over 20 countries all around the world including Italy, Argentina, Albania, Poland, France Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, India, Cameroon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, D.R. of Congo, Ivory Coast,  the Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam,  where their facilities work alongside existing agencies and other religious orders in places such as leper colonies, institutes for the handicapped, community centers for the mentally ill, shelters for families and children in need, secondary schools, Colleges, assistance for homeless and street children, inhabitants of squatter settlements, hospital facilities and counselling for the sick. In North America, the Congregation serves parishes in Canada, as well as parishes in Columbus, Ohio; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Merida –  Mexico.   



Communications Officer, Diocese of Antigonish