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“Thank you for your faithful and generous service”

Milestone Anniversaries of our Women Religious


Our diocese is blessed to be served by five communities of Women Religious.
This year, many of the Sisters who are or have served here are celebrating milestone anniversaries of their Professions.

We offer up this prayer, with sincere gratitude:


Faithful women, to Mary, our Mother, Mother of the Church and in this year dedicated to Saint Joseph, her spouse, we entrust each of you.

May you be strengthened in your living and loving faith, in your certain and joyful hope, in your humble and active charity.

May the blessing of our loving and merciful God be upon each of you.

Thank you for your faithful and generous service.






Sisters of Charity

S. Georgina Christie
Has ministered in Nova Scotia , and just celebrated 100th birthday

S. Ruth Kline
Ministered mostly in Nova Scotia in education 






Filles de Jesus

Sr. Venetta Roy






Congregation of Notre Dame

Sr. Georgina MacInnis (S.S. Cecilia of the Rosary) 
Served as a teacher in Mabou, Port Hood and Sydney and was Principal of Holy Angels High School, 1967 and 1982

Sr. Helen Aboud  (S.S. David Maria) 
Served in education and health care in New Victoria, Antigonish, Pictou, Sydney, and Sydney Mines

Sr. Loretta MacLennan (S.S. Janet Marie) 
Taught in New Glasgow and Sydney 


Filles de Jesus

Sr. Rose Mary Mombourquette 

Sr. Monica Doyle 

Sr. Jeanne-Aimée Audet  

Sr. Jacqueline Martel 

Sr. Émilie Christie 

Sr. Jénita Méthot 

Sr. Vivianne Fraser 


Sisters of St. Martha

Sr. Shirley Bruce

Sr. Anne Coady

Sr. Ethel L. Cody

Sr. Margaret Ann Fraser

Sr. Mary Gouthro

 Sr. Anita Richard


Sisters of Charity

S. Anne McGovern
Taught grades 6 & 7 in Port Hawkesbury from 1959 to 1961.  

S. Marie Merrigan
Taught grade school in Cape Breton.

S. Margaret White
She was a teacher in Cape Breton from 1957 to 1964. 






Filles de Jesus

Sr. Virginie Poirier 

Sr. Irene Amirault 


Sisters of Charity

S. Peggy Malcolm
Born  in Port Hawkesbury.  Taught grade school from 1971 to 1972.  

S. Anne Veronica MacNeil
Born in Glace Bay and taught in grade school from 1965 to 1968






Congregation of Notre Dame

Sr. Gwendolyn O’Neil (S.S. Alphonsus of Mary) 
Taught in Antigonish, Sydney Mines and Sydney, worked with Family Service in New Glasgow 

Sr. Joanne MacFarlane (S.S. Mary Ian) 
Taught in Port Hood, Mabou, Inverness and Antigonish

Sr. Mary Morris (S.S. Florence Patricia) 
Served in Antigonish, New Glasgow, Mabou, Sydney

Sr. Mildred MacNeil (S.S. James Vincent) 
Served in New Glasgow, Antigonish, Inverness, Sydney, Iona, Pictou, Associate Chaplain at St. Francis Xavier University, 1999


Filles de Jesus

Sr. Huberte Léger 

Sr. Catherine Cormier 


Sisters of St. Martha

Sr. Rosalie Lahey

Sr. Rosalie Lavallee

Sr. Ann MacKenzie

Sr. Veronica MacNeil

Sr. Clarine O’Leary


Sisters of Charity

S. Mary Christine McDonald
She was a retreat director at Carmel Centre in New Waterford from 1983 to 1988.  

S. Sheilagh Martin
She taught in Cape Breton from 1963 – 1971,  grades 10, 11, and 12. 

S. Marionita McNeil
Born in Cape Breton.  Taught grade 2 from 1963-1969.  Also in charge of the Boys Choir. 

S. Lorraine Schroeder
Taught Sunday school (primary children) from 1963 to 1966.  Taught in grade school from 1966 to 1968. 

S. Ellen Bernadette Dean
Taught grade 10 from 1963 to 1964.  

S. Jeanne Cottreau
Taught grades 9, 10, and 12 from 1963 to 1965. 






Filles de Jesus

Sr. Jeanne Comeau

Communications Officer, Diocese of Antigonish

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  • Reply Margaret Mac Kenzie - July 9, 2021

    Congratulations to All TheBeautiful Sisters , I was taught by the Sisters of Norte Dame in New Glasgow fro grade one to grade six ,at St. JOHN,S Academy In St. JOHNS PARISH , Thank You

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