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Sacred Heart and Prayers for our Priests

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On June 11, 1899 Pope Leo XIII solemnly consecrated the whole world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In 1928 Pope Pius XI approved the devotion to the Sacred Heart.  In 2002 St. John Paul II requested this feast day be a World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests.  All the Catholic faithful are invited to join in prayer for the sanctification of priests.  It is an opportunity to rekindle in priests an awareness of the gift they have received. 

Pray a Rosary for our Priests

Worldpriest is inviting you once again to join us on June 24 (Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) in the Global Rosary Relay to pray and offer the Holy Rosary for our Beloved Priests.  On this special day, the entire globe will be united in prayer for our Priests. 
Last year, Canada won a special award from Worldpriest for Outstanding Participation and Promotion of the Global Rosary Relay.  We are hoping to multiply our numbers even more this year. 

You may pray the Holy Rosary in your home, gather in your parish church, as a prayer group, etc.
If you are interested in joining us, please contact:
 Isabel Gillis (Canadian Worldpriest Representative)

For more information about Worldpriest/The Global Rosary Relay, please see: 



As we pray for our priests, we highlight the following who are celebrating significant anniversaries of ordination this year:


70th Ordination Anniversary

Rev. Everett John MacNeil

Ordained: June 7, 1952


65th Ordination Anniversary

Rev. Ora McManus

Ordained: June 15, 1957


60th Ordination Anniversary

Rev. Donald Francis Cameron

Ordained: June 16,1962


55th Ordination Anniversary

Rev. Joseph William Crispo

Ordained: May 20, 1967


45th Ordination Anniversary

Rev. John William Burke

Ordained: July 3, 1977


40th Ordination Anniversary

Rev. Peter Camille LeBlanc

Ordained: May 23, 1982


35th Ordination Anniversary

Rev. Martin Joseph MacDougall

Ordained: May 17, 1987


30th Ordination Anniversary

Rev. John Francis Morrison

Ordained: May 17, 1992


25th Ordination anniversary

Rev. Lazarus Guria

Ordained: May 4, 1997


20th Ordination anniversary

Rev. Patrick Joseph O’Neill

Ordained: May 24, 2002


15th Ordination anniversary

Rev. Joby Augustin, CFIC

Ordained: April 25, 2007


“[The Holy Father] prays that our Blessed Mother may always guide and protect priests who are consecrated to the joyful and indispensable mission of proclaiming the Gospel and offering God’s people, through the celebration of the sacraments, the closeness, the word and the strength of Christ.’

(from Pope Francis’ Apostolic Blessing for the annual Global Rosary Relay for Priests)

Communications Officer, Diocese of Antigonish

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