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Prayer for Sea Sunday






Prayer inspired by the Message for Sea Sunday (12 July 2020)

Holy Virgin Mary, sign of the maternal face of God,

with filial confidence we turn to you in the current pandemic.
Keep in your Immaculate Heart the seafarers, the fishermen and their families, who with their work are ensuring the human family with food and other basic needs.

Sign of the closeness of the Father,

support them in their trials and protect them from all dangers: isolation and severe physical and mental stress, long periods spent on board ships, distance from their family, friends and from their own country, fear of contamination, piracy attacks and attempted attacks, armed robberies.

Sign of the mercy of the Son,

help Stella Maris chaplains and volunteers to listen to the people of the sea, trying to respond to their material and spiritual needs,
standing by their side, raising their concerns,
upholding their labor rights and preventing discrimination.

Sign of the fruitfulness of the Spirit and advocate of seafarers,

bring unscrupulous ship-owners, crewing agencies and managers back to the way of justice who,
using the excuse of the pandemic,
dismiss their obligations towards seafarers.
Let us stand in solidarity with those who have lost their income.

Sign of consolation and sure hope,
tenderly embraces coronavirus victims, especially the seafarers who committed suicide.

Star of the Sea, pray for us. Amen!


Communications Officer, Diocese of Antigonish

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