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Parish Reporting

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”​ 1 Peter 4: 10

The diocesan levy –  the fee paid by parishes in exchange for diocesan services – accounts for about 75% of the Diocesan operating revenues. As a result, operations for both parishes and the diocese depends on timely submission of financial reports and accurate levy calculations.

Parishes are asked to submit their financial reports for levy calculation by Feb. 28.
Financial statements are reviewed and verified by Business Office Staff and Bishop.
Calculations are made based on information provided.

Please note that the bill for  first half of the levy is based on 50% of last year’s levy amount, with payment due by June 30.  The final bill is issued in July. 

Parishes have the option of printing and filling out the reports or using Excel to complete reports and emailing them back to the Diocese.



Contact Cathy Farrow, 902-539-6188 or 1-800-656-5311 ext 230


How the diocesan levy is calculated:
13.5% of 3-year rolling average of “levyable income”

Included in ‘levyable’ income:

  • Sunday Collections – Envelopes and loose change
  • Easter and Christmas Collection
  • Pastors Dues and automatic debits
  • NET Fund Raising Activities
  • Donations and gifts made for ordinary parish operating expenses
  • Interest on bequests and large windfalls

Excluded from ‘levyable income’:

  • Special Collections
  • Fund Raising Expenses
  • HST Rebates, Grants, other rebates
  • Bequests
  • Hall Revenue
  • Cemetery Revenue
  • Income received for shared expenses
  • Donations/fundraising earmarked for building fund
  • Debt repayment from operations
  • Standard Deduction

The levy is billed in two installments:
January billing is 50 % of prior year’s final levy, due by June 30
July billing is total calculated amount minus January payment, due by Dec. 31

Managing Director/Financial Administrator
Cathy Farrow
ph (902) 539-6188/1-800-656-5311 ext 230

Business Office
Sandra O’Connell
ph (902) 539-6188/1-800-656-5311 ext 228