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Organizations serving our diocesan community

Antigonish Diocesan Society

An organization dedicated to paying for the education of our seminarians

President: Brian Lazzuri | Email

Catholic Women’s League

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada calls its members to grow in faith, and to witness to the love of God through ministry and service.

CWL.ca – National
CWL.ns.ca – Provincial Diocesan

President: Julie LeLievre

Development and Peace The official international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada and the Canadian member of Caritas Internationalis.


Diocesan Chair: Winnie Odo | 902-862-2330 | Email

Its four purposes are assisting the poor through projects in areas such as employment and housing; supporting efforts to develop the laity for their Christian role in family life and the worlds of business, culture and politics; providing assistance to students enrolled in Catholic Studies at the university level; and aiding the missionary activities of the Catholic Church. Funding applications are reviewed in May and November


Leona English, Chair Email

Knights of Columbus

These Catholic men and their families, are dedicated to promoting the concepts of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.


State Deputy: Ron Dowling

St. Thomas More Society

Promotes the Christian education, formation, training development and background for lay Catholics in our area. The Society provides financial assistance for lay Catholics participating in formation and education programs, events and projects.

Rev. Anthony O’Connor | Email