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Let’s Talk Jan. 28


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Thursday, January 28th
7-8 pm live on St. Joseph North Sydney Facebook page

Can be viewed live or any time after the event:

300 days – A Case Study on Adolescence Mental Health
Guest Presenter: Paige Cox, CBU Student
John Ratchford
Moderator:  Norma Blinkhorn, Coordinator, Diocese of Antigonish Youth Ministry
 With Pastor Fr. Douglas MacDonald

7:00 Pm – Welcome – Norma Blinkhorn
7:05 Pm – Presenter Paige Cox
7:30 Pm – Testimony John Ratchford
7:50 Pm – Questions
7:55 Pm – Mental Health Prayer


Together, let’s lift the silence on mental health.


For mental health services and support:

  • Call 211 – 24 hours a day
  • NS Mental Health Crisis Line:  – 1-888-429-8167
  • Mywellnessplan.ca
  • KeepmeSafe.org
  • Kids Help Phone (youth 30 years and under)
    Telephone 1-800-668-6868
    Text: 686868 type word: talk
  • Covid & Stress Self-refer:  No doctor necessary
    Mental Health central intake line
    Anonymous, paid by MSI, anyone in Canada can
    see psychologist in a week, vs months like normal.
    Team of Professionals; doctors, social workers, counsellors
    all available by phone, Zoom, or if necessary in person.
  • Good 2Talk- a free, 24-hour, 365 day per year call-in service
    for post-secondary education students.  The service can be
    accessed by phoning 1-833-292-3698
  • 7 Cups – a free online peer support service for students.
    The service trains volunteer listeners and students are able to choose their
    listener based on the listener’s experiences and can follow their own “growth
    path” to monitor progress.
  • Kognito- a health simulation that uses interactive, practice-based gatekeeper training
    programs to teach students, faculty and staff how to
    1) identify students exhibiting signs of psychological distress,
    2) approach students to discuss their concerns, and
    3) make referrals to university counselling resources.
  • Crisservicescanada.ca
  • Suicideprevention.ca
  • Canada Suicide Prevention Service
    Toll free 1-833-456-4566
    Text 45645
  • The Child Disability Benefits Group
    Funding for families with disabilities

Communications Officer, Diocese of Antigonish

  • Norma Blinkhorn - January 13, 2021

    Awesome job Jennifer.