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Financial Statements

Pastoral Letter from Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick: 

June 11, 2022 (Feast of St. Barnabas – ‘man of encouragement’)

My Dear Clergy and Faithful

It has been a long and difficult journey to reach this point.  The debt obligation of the Diocese of Antigonish necessary to settle the class action lawsuit has been extinguished and no further property sales will be required for settlement of the debt.  We are most grateful to so many people and parishes who sacrificed their time, talent, and resources to assist us with this tremendous debt.  There are too many people to thank by name, our lawyers, realtors, parish communities, and members of various diocesan committees who worked tirelessly.  Our thanks to the Sisters of St. Martha for their generosity.  Our thanks to Archbishop Brian Dunn, my predecessor who provided such leadership and oversight.

Now property sales will proceed as intended by Canon Law.  Parishes can sell properties as long as they receive permission from the diocese. You will need to use our realtors, since we have developed the expertise to sell land at a fair market value.  Once a sale is finalized, all costs of the sale, i.e., legal fees, commissions, migration, etc., as well as any outstanding receivables owing to the Diocese will be paid from the proceeds of the sale.  Remaining funds will be then paid to the Parish. 

Thank you for your generosity and service to our diocese.

Fraternally in Christ,

+ Wayne Kirkpatrick

Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick



 CECA 2022 Financial Statements FINAL 

Diocese of Antigonish Finance Council Report June 2022 (1)  


The Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Antigonish has an annual operating budget of about $1.1 million.
This budget supports the following:

Bishop’s Residence
Chancery Office
Pastoral Center

Chancery Office – Antigonish
Pastoral Center – Membertou

Matrimonial Tribunal
Emmaus Center (Book Store/Resource Room and Catechetical Program)
Youth Ministry
Permanent Diaconate
Lay Formation
Renewal Programs
Mass for Shut-Ins

The process for setting the annual budget:

  • Budget Committee reports to Diocesan Finance Council
  • Council meets in November/December with Bishop
  • Council and Bishop review programs and other categories
    The Financial Administrator:
  • facilitates budget preparation with the help of Business Office
  • receives input from Programming and Business Office Staff
  • presents Budget to Diocesan Finance Council for  approval in December/January

Diocesan Finance Council
Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick
Ms. Mary Oxner, Chair
Ms. Cathy Farrow
Mr. Frank Howell
Mr. Jim Kehoe
Rev. Angus MacDougall
Ms. Joan MacLellan
Rev. Thomas MacNeil, VG
Mr. Carl Turner
Mr. John van Zutphen


Managing Director/Financial Administrator
Cathy Farrow
ph (902) 539-6188/1-800-656-5311 ext 230

Chair, Diocesan Finance Council
Mary Oxner