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Financial Statements

Financial Position December 31, 2022

The Audited Financial Statements for the year ended December 31, 2022 represent a Diocese that:
1) supports parishes’ finance needs – financial reporting, financing, banking, insurance claims, payroll processing, human resource planning, risk management, etc.;
2) funds programs as directed by pastoral planning, in part, through bequests and donations;
3) continues to have a financial surplus in the Priests’ Pension Plan following both a significant restructuring and a change in professional management of that plan; and
4) manages slow cash collections from parishes.

The financial statements at December 31, 2022 report an overall deficit of revenue over expenditures for the Diocese of $497,922 (2021 – $3,350,872 surplus). This deficit primarily reflects unanticipated activities necessary to support parishes in the Diocese. The operations include:
1) a declining levy of $872,222 (2021 – $919,664) which is problematic given the levy funds Diocesan work;
2) a varying amount of donations and bequests of $209,919 in 2022 (2021 – $225,957) which continues to fund pastoral programs of the Diocese but which are hard to predict and therefor difficult to rely on;
3) a continuous increase in the allowance for doubtful accounts (i.e., bad debt expense of 2022 – $132,700; 2021 – $28,601; 2020- $95,388) reflecting significantly delayed or lack of payment of receivables by several parishes; and
4) payment of parish property demolition costs of $261,644 (2021- $13,298) expected to be paid but not paid by parishes.

The financial statements at December 31, 2022 were audited by Grant Thornton.

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 CECA 2022 Financial Statements FINAL 



Diocese of Antigonish Finance Council Report for 2021  


The Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Antigonish has an annual operating budget of about $1.1 million.
This budget supports the following:

Bishop’s Residence
Chancery Office
Pastoral Center

Chancery Office – Antigonish
Pastoral Center – Membertou

Matrimonial Tribunal
Emmaus Center (Book Store/Resource Room and Catechetical Program)
Youth Ministry
Permanent Diaconate
Lay Formation
Renewal Programs
Mass for Shut-Ins

The process for setting the annual budget:

  • Budget Committee reports to Diocesan Finance Council
  • Council meets in November/December with Bishop
  • Council and Bishop review programs and other categories
    The Financial Administrator:
  • facilitates budget preparation with the help of Business Office
  • receives input from Programming and Business Office Staff
  • presents Budget to Diocesan Finance Council for  approval in December/January

Diocesan Finance Council
Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick
Ms. Mary Oxner, Chair
Ms. Cathy Farrow
Mr. Frank Howell
Mr. Jim Kehoe
Rev. Angus MacDougall
Ms. Joan MacLellan
Rev. Thomas MacNeil, VG
Mr. Carl Turner
Mr. John van Zutphen


Managing Director/Financial Administrator
Cathy Farrow
ph (902) 539-6188/1-800-656-5311 ext 230

Chair, Diocesan Finance Council
Mary Oxner