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Permanent Diaconate

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Diocesan Diaconate Formation/ diocésain pour le Diaconat 
What is a Permanent Deacon?
See this video from the Archdiocese of Edmonton:

From our Director:

With Vatican 11, Pope Paul V1 re-instated the Permanent Diaconate open to married men. In our diocese, we have nine permanent deacons all in a ministry of service and charity as well as associated with a pastor in their local parish. They fulfill the threefold ministry of the deacon:  Altar, Word and Charity. Deacons were instituted by the Apostles in the early church (Acts 6:1-6). They became the helpers to the Apostles and, thus, to our present bishops as we read in the Ordination Ritual where deacons are called “the bishop’s eyes and hands.”

We now sponsor another process and program with 10 men discerning a call to ordained ministry in the diaconate. Within a short time we will be calling for a meeting of more men who may be interested. So please stay in touch. 

I ask for your care and concern, as well as, your prayerful support for our candidates in formation and our deacons.

God bless you.

Bedford Doucette
Director, Permanent Diaconate

Permanent Diaconate Formation Team
Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick
Rev. Bedford Doucette, Chair
Rev. Duaine Devereaux
Rev. Mr. Berkley Guthro
Mrs. Jessie Guthro
Ms. Gladys MacDougall
Rev. Colin MacKinnon
Rev. Paul MacGillvray
Rev. Mr. Leo Penny
Mrs. Viola Penny
Mr. Wayne Yorke


  1. A four-year program of 10 weekends a year including a retreat
  2. Years’ Accents: i.Foundations, ii.Christology, iii.Ecclesiology, iv.Pastoral
    Each weekend to include: human, intellectual, spiritual and pastoral elements
  3. Another Saturday in the month is set aside for such courses as Ministry in the Christian Tradition, Sacraments, Adult Education, Biblical Foundations, etc. for those who did not take the St. F X Diploma in Ministry
  4. Spouses expected to be in attendance each weekend with their husbands
  5. Teachers are expected to submit an outline of their courses. They can also ask for reflection papers from candidates to indicate their involvement in their courses
  6. Teachers to include  deacons, laymen/women, religious and priests
    Spiritual direction and, if needed, counseling for candidates
  7. A Time of internship: shadowing a deacon/pastor/parish/ministry with mentor
  8. Courses include:


          Theological Foundations Scripture Diocesan Policies
          Personal Development Prayer Pastoral Care
          History Church Issues Eschatology Contemporary
          Diaconate Liturgy of Hours Liturgy Praying Psalms
          Christology Ecumenism Canon Law
          Spirituality Morals Homiletics
          Ecclesiology Vatican  II/CCC Mariology
          Presiding Social Teachings Sacraments


Year One     – Foundations

Year Two     – Christology

Year Three  – Ecclesiology

Year Four    – Pastoral

September 16, 2011 Ordination

September 14, 2012 Ordination

Office of the Diocesan Permanent Diaconate Program
  • Location:
  • Diocesan Pastoral Centre
  • 200 Churchill Drive, Suite 103
  • Membertou, NS
  • Mail:
  • PO Box 100
  • Sydney, NS B1P 6G9
  • Contact:
  • Rev. Bedford Doucette
  • Director, Permanent Diaconate
  • ph (902) 539-6188 or toll-free 1-800-656-5311
  • fax (902) 539-7195
  • Email