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the Bishop, DD

From the Office of H.E. the Bishop, Bishop of the Diocese of Antigonish:

Bishop Lahey's Address to His Holiness May 20, 2006

Benedict XVI's Address to the Bishops of Atlantic Canada "No Effort Can Be Spared in Finding Effective Pastoral Initiatives" (Posted May 21, 2006)

"The Bishop asks that the following Lenten letter be circulated with the bulletin or read at weekend Masses for the first Sunday of Lent."

February 10, 2008

Dear Parishioners,

On this first Sunday of Lent, the Church throughout the world welcomes as its new elect the adults and young people who will be baptized, confirmed, and receive the Eucharist for the first time at the Easter Vigil. As we who are baptized renew the wonderful event of our own baptism and the marvels of God’s grace within our own hearts and lives, we join them in prayer, fasting and preparation. Lent becomes for all of us a time of conversion.

When we were baptized, two awesome things happened to us: we became a brother or sister of Jesus Christ himself, and we became a member of God’s family, the Church. As we make Lent a time of conversion we renew both these great wonders within our lives.

Conversion first leads us to deepen our personal relationship with Jesus Christ: to know him better as our brother, our Savior, and as the Son of God. We can never encounter Christ only in theory. We are always called to truly hear his teaching, and to draw closer to him by being his disciple in practice.

Likewise, we are called in Lent to renew our membership in the great family of the Church. We are called to know better the great heritage of our Catholic faith, and to renew our efforts to pass it on to others, especially young people. We are called to build up the unity of our Catholic family, to welcome others into it, and to be attentive to everyone, above all to those who are in need or those who are ignored or overlooked, for the word “Catholic” means universal.

The truth is, we can never be a Christian without really being a follower of Christ in life and action, and we can never be a Catholic without being a practicing Catholic. We genuinely hear Christ when we allow his Gospel to shape our lives and make us want to share it with the world around us. We truly take our part as members of God’s family, “a holy people”, when we realize the greatness of God’s love and become to others a sign of God’s presence.

In Lent, by simple signs - by our prayer, fasting and by our giving - we remind ourselves day by day of the need to change our hearts and to be better Christians and Catholics. May we keep up our efforts and may they be a source of blessing for all of us.

Yours sincerely in the Lord,
Raymond J. Lahey
Bishop of Antigonish

at the conclusion of the Mass of Chrism, Bishop Lahey called upon all those assembled to pray for vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life. In keeping with this request, following is the Holy Father's Message for the 43rd World Day of Prayer for Vocations, to be observed May 7:
43rd World Day of Prayer for Vocations
"Pastoral Appointments by the Bishop
(posted May 02, 2006)
"Culture of Vocations" by the Bishop
(posted Oct. 23, 2005)
"Closing Homily for the Year of the Eucharist"
by the Bishop (posted Oct. 23, 2005)

+ Message from Bishop Lahey on the election of Benedict XVI New: Apr 19, 2005
+ 's Message on the recent death of Pope John Paul II


Concerning Sunday Shopping:

Sunday Shopping English
Magasinage Le Dimache
en Français

(posted September 21, 2004)


Your Child and Sex Education

bishop's Personal Arms ©
Personal Arms of Bishop Raymond J. Lahey

Name of the Bishop / Nom de I'Eveque:
the Bishop, Ph.D., D.D.

  • Born in St. John's Nfld., on May 29, 1940.
  • Ordained on June 13, 1963.
  • Named Bishop of St. George's on July 8, 1986 and was ordained in Corner Brook in August 3, 1986
  • Bishop Lahey was named as the Bishop of the Diocese of Antigonish on April 5th, 2003 by H.H. Pope John Paul II.
  • Installed as Bishop of the Diocese of Antigonish on June 12, 2003 at the Cathedral Church of the Diocese, St. Ninian Cathedral, Antigonish.

BishopLaheyofAntigonish ©

Degrees: B.Th. (1961), L.Th. (1963) and Ph.D. (magna cum Laude) (1966) from the University of Ottawa.

Positions Held:
  • Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Memorial University of Newfoundland;
  • Proctor of St. John's College on the campus of Memorial;
  • Associate Professor of Religious studies
  • Head of the Department of Religious Studies at the same University.
  • Member of the University Senate.

Pastoral Ministry:
  • Administrator of Holy Cross Parish, Holyrood in the Diocese of Grand Falls
  • Pastor of St. Peter's Parish in Mount Pearl, Archdiocese of St. John's.
  • Vicar General of the Diocese of St. John's, NFLS
  • In March 1985 he was awarded the title of Prelate of Honour by His Holiness Pope John Paul II.

  • Bishop Lahey has also served on the Provincial Religious Education Committee, two School Boards, the Belvedere Orphanage Trust, and was Vice-Chairman of the Roman Catholic 200th Anniversary Committee, which included responsibility for the preparations for the Papal Visit to Newfoundland in September 1984.

  • He is also the author of a number of studies and articles on theology and Church history. Among his writings are substantial contributions to the Dictionary of Canadian Biography. He has had memberships on several scholarly bodies, including the American Academy of Religion.

Press Release from CCCB announcing the appointment of Bishop Raymond J. Lahey as Bishop of the Diocese of Antigonish

See comprises the counties of Cape Breton, Victoria, Inverness, Richmond, Guysborough, Antigonish and Pictou, in the Province of Nova Scotia.

Legal Title: Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Antigonish

Mailing Address:

the Bishop, DD
P O Box 1330,
Antigonish NS B2G 2L7

Bishop's Residence:
23 Silverwood Drive,
Antigonish N.S. B2G 1J8

Bishop's Office: 168 Hawthorne Street,
Antigonish, N.S.
Phone: (902) 863-3335
Fax: (902) 863-0037

Listing of Previous Bishops of the Diocese of Antigonish
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