"When the table was set for me and an abundance of food placed before me,  I said to my son, Tobias, "Go, my child, and bring whatever poor person you may find of our people among the exiles of Ninevah, who is wholeheartedly  mindful of God,  and he shall eat together with me.'" 
Tobit 2: 2


Development and Peace is the official humanitarian aid and international development organization of the Catholic Church in Canada, and the Canadian member of Caritas Internationalis - the official aid and development arm of the Catholic Church, headquartered in the Vatican.

We educate Canadians through two major campaigns every year:



1. Fall Education and Action Campaign

2. Share Lent Campaign


Education and Action Campaign 2016






Diocesan Chair
Ms. Josie England
ph (902) 863-3076

Local contact: Sydney area
Mr. Bill Forgeron
ph (902) 564-6966

Local contact: Antigonish area
Ms. Ann Cooke
ph (902) 863-2262



The Antigonish Diocesan Council of Development and Peace is currently recruiting and training parish representatives to engage in this important work throughout our diocese.

Fall 2016 Deanery Workshop Schedule:

  • Oct. 29: Inverness and Richmond, 1:30-3:30 pm
    St. Joseph's parish, Port Hawkesbury
    Contact: Patsy Mooring, ph 902-625-0833

  • Nov. 5: Antigonish/Guysborough and Pictou, 10 a.m.-noon
    St. Ninian Place, Antigonish
    Contact: Danny Gillis, ph 902-870-6269

  • Nov. 5: Sydney, Glace Bay/New Waterford, Northside/Victoria, 1:30-3:30 pm
    Our Lady of Fatima parish, Sydney
    Contact: Ann Cooke, ph 902-535-2727

What is a Parish Rep?

A Parish Rep is responsible for promoting and encouraging fellow parishioners to participate in the two annual campaigns - Fall Education and Action, and Share Lent - in their parishes. Parish Reps help their fellow parishioners to use their Catholic Faith as the lens through which they learn about and work toward Social and Environmental Justice in the world. This truly enriching opportunity will help you to enrich your own faith, and to participate in meaningful actions that protect and promote God's Kingdom here on Earth.

As a Parish Rep you will:

  • Have a significant and meaningful impact on communities and individuals all around the world
  • Be part of a democratic movement that has achieved and continues to achieve Social and Ecological Justice for our brothers and sisters
  • Actively participate in parish life and community
  • Grow in your faith by putting the Catholic Social Teachings of the Church into practice

Duties of a Parish Rep:

  • Receive by mail two Material Kits each year (January for Share Lent, and August for Fall Education and Action), and to become familiar with these materials
  • Ensure that material in the kits are ordered in sufficient amounts to circulate among parishioners
  • Encourage fellow parishioners to take and read these materials, either by handing them out in person or setting up a Development and Peace display for people to peruse at their leisure
  • Help to promote Solidarity Sunday (the 5th Sunday of Lent) in your parish
  • Discuss Development and Peace programs and news with your parish priest and fellow parishioners. This can be done by organizing an event (e.g. presentation or fundraising drive) to promote the campaign, presenting the campaign during or after mass (with your parish priest's permission) or chatting informally with fellow parishioners
  • Receive and circulate the monthly Atlantic regional newsletter

Time Commitment:

  • Attend two formation workshops each year in your area, run by the Antigonish Diocesan Council: in the fall for the Fall Education and Action Campaign, and in January/February for Share Lent
  • Promotion time for campaigns within the parishes is self-determined. 

Click here for a Fact Sheet on becoming a Parish Rep.