Job Posting – Lay Ecclesial Minister, Inverness North Pastoral Zone Team

Type of Employment: Regular Part-Time

Application Deadline: April 3, 2018
Applications are accepted until 11:59pm on the Closing Date.

The Inverness North Pastoral Zone Team will consist of Priests and Lay Ecclesial Ministers.
The Zone covers a geographic area from Inverness to Cheticamp to include the Parishes of:
Stella Maris, Inverness;
St.Margaret of Scotland, Broad Cove;
St.Joseph, South West Margaree;
St.Michael, East Margaree;
St.Patrick, North East Margaree;
St Joseph, St Joseph Du Moine; and
St. Pierre, Cheticamp.
The team members work in communion with each other and together they are responsible for seeing that the spiritual needs of the people in the Zone are met.

The Lay Ecclesial Minister provides leadership and coordination in the design and implementation of programs in building a solid foundation for age appropriate spirituality, Christian living and service. The Lay Ecclesial Minister is also responsible to direct one or more of the ministries and administer designated programs as needed.

• Has completed or is completing the necessary formation, education, and training to function competently in a particular ministry
• Demonstrated collaboration and teamwork skills
• Demonstrated communication and conflict resolution skills
• Demonstrated planning, organization and time management skills
• Commitment to performing the duties of a ministry
• Commitment to continuous improvement and innovation
• Demonstrated leadership abilities

To be provided during the interview or by inquiry.

Please send your resume to one of the above Parish offices by the closing date.

The successful applicant will be required to comply with the Responsible Ministry Protocol.