A daily prayer intention is one way we can show our love and appreciation.

Our Vocations Awareness and Appreciation Committee invites us to pray for a priest or deacon each day.
The committee circulates a calendar each month with a list of clergy for whom we can pray.
Suggested prayers are included on the calendar.
We may also offer up:

  • Mass
  • Fasting
  • Eucharistic Exposition
  • Rosary
  • Holy Hour
  • Other Devotions

Click here for the monthly Priests/Deacons Daily Prayers for November 2017.

Questions about Vocations?

The ABCS of Fostering Vocations is among several good web resources for parents to introduce and discuss vocations with their children.

For example:

A: Answer your children's questions honestly
B: Bring your family to an ordination mass
C: Cultivate an arttitude of service

Connect to the complete list here. 


Vocation Talk:
Fr. Patrick O'Neill of St. Joseph's Parish, North Sydney, NS shares his personal story of discerning his vocation.



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