A daily prayer intention is one way we can show our love and appreciation.


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Our Vocations Awareness and Appreciation Committee invites us to pray for a priest or deacon each day.

The committee circulates a calendar each month with a list of clergy for whom we can pray.
Suggested prayers are included on the calendar.
We may also offer up:

  • Mass
  • Fasting
  • Eucharistic Exposition
  • Rosary
  • Holy Hour
  • Other Devotions

Click for the monthly calendar: June 2020

Questions about Vocations?

The ABCS of Fostering Vocations is among several good web resources for parents to introduce and discuss vocations with their children.

For example:

A: Answer your children's questions honestly
B: Bring your family to an ordination mass
C: Cultivate an arttitude of service

Connect to the complete list here. 


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