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By Cathy Walsh, Youth Ministry Coordinator

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May 17, 2018 

"Love is in the Air"
Oh, the excitement of the Royal Wedding! The world is ready to celebrate love in the faces of the royal couple, the royal family, and all the people gathered and watching from across the globe.

In our own communities we are celebrating love in the faces of our family and friends at University Graduations, Confirmation and First Communion celebrations ... all beautiful gatherings of love and all happening during this time of year.

What is our Love Story?

What is my Faith Love Story?

My Mother reminds me of the time when the parish had birthday cake for the wee ones on Pentecost Sunday. Yes, it was a symbol of the birth of the church but to a child it was time for a party, time for gifts, time to be loved and to love.

I forget sometimes that our faith is the most beautiful love story. It gives meaning and depth and purpose to our lives. It strengthens me when I am sad and troubled. It reminds me to
stay in the light. It makes me want to share this love story in my actions and behaviours. Personally, I find words of love totally clumsy as they are never adequate... so I try to be nice and kind and hope that works!

So let's celebrate LOVE today and all days.

Let's enjoy the celebration of Pentecost, let's enjoy the Royal Wedding, let's take time to grow in love for our God, our neighbor, our families, friends, and all those we meet in our days!

Sending you lots of love! Happy Pentecost!



May 9, 2018

Friendships and Youth!


I love this picture of the two youth enjoying time with nature. What are they thinking? Are they aware of the Divine? Can they see God in the beauty of creation? Are they members of a 4H group, Ecology group, students on a field trip, or two friends just having fun?

What if they were discussing ideas on Climate Change that they learned at a Diocesan Youth Rally whose theme was Laudato Si - On Care for Our Common Home. The encyclical's core message: "Another World is Possible." That would be a really neat outcome to a Youth Rally!

Last month, our Diocesan Spring Youth Rally at Our Lady of Fatima provided an opportunity for Youth to share their faith, make new friends and have fun.

Last fall, our Youth learned about a life of service at the Diocesan Fall Youth Rally "Call to Serve" at St. Ninian's. In fact, the guest speaker, Jenn Power, was awarded the "Mayann Francis Faith in Action Award" at the Atlantic School of Theology Gala Dinner last Friday evening. For a life of service, Jenn and her husband, Silas, were recognized for their response to God's call in living their lives with the L'Arche communities. And to think that our Youth heard Jenn's story last fall at a Youth Rally. How connecting!

This month at StFX, youth are attending two wonderful conferences. One is offered by "4H" and the other by "NSSSA - Nova Scotia Secondary School Association". Both conferences offer leadership development opportunities, communication skills, guest speakers, and lots of fun.

There are lots of opportunites for Youth to gather. Steubenville Atlantic is happening in July. Another opportunity for faith and friendships.

Youth want to attend conferences because they are encouraged by parents, siblings, buddies and teachers. There is lots of encouragement to attend. Our own Diocesan Youth Rallies also take encouragement by parents, siblings, buddies to attend. The school system does not allow us to advertise but there are teachers who are parents who support our Diocesan Youth Rallies.

My wish for youth is that they see the same kids at the Diocesan Youth Rallies as they see at the 4H Conference and the NSSSA Conference and Steubenville. Friendships happen everywhere and God's love can be seen through nice friends, beautiful nature, and inspiring leaders.

May God bless all our youth!



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