"And all who heard him were amazed at his understanding and his answers."
Luke 2: 47


Some Questions and Answers

about the Diocese of Antigonish and our Roman Catholic faith:


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About our Website:

What's the tree in the logo?

The tree symbolizes humanity’s eternal calling to be close to God. Rooted in the earth of faith and traditions, its branches reach toward heaven. Its leaves die each autumn, but are reborn in the spring, reminding us of victory of life over death. The tree also reminds us of Christ’s sacrifice for us. In our logo the branches form a cross. There is also the image of a candle, an eternal light that never dies.

Download our January 2016 newsletter for the full story. 


What Bible do the Scripture verses on our website come from?

Scripture verses are from the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), the version approved for use by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB). 
Psalm verses are quoted from the Grail Psalms. 


I need to update the mass time for my church. How?

Contact our Webmaster or Communications Officer for any changes in content.

About our Offices and Services:

Where is the book store? Can anyone shop there?

The Emmaus Centre Resource Room and Book Store is located in our Diocesan Pastoral Centre.  You are invited to visit Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm to browse or buy. Orders may also be placed via phone and email.  See our Emmaus Centre page for details


What is the Diocesan levy and why do parishes have to pay it?

The Diocesan levy accounts for about 75% of the Diocese operating budget, which finances such things as the office buildings, payroll services, catechetical services, committee operations, communications, pastoral services, youth ministry, faith formation and other services that offer benefits across the diocese. 
See our Financial Statements and Parish Reporting pages for details, or contact our Business Office

About our Sacraments:

I want to get my baby baptized. How do I arrange this?

Contact your parish priest.
See our Parish Listings for contact information.


When can my son or daughter get confirmed?

Youth confirmation candidates are usually in Grade 9.
Contact your parish for details on classes and schedules.

The current confirmation schedule for the Diocese is listed in our Events block.
For schedule changes or bookings, please contact our Chancery office.


I want to get married in the Church. What do I do?

Contact your parish priest for guidance and details on preparation, schedules, and dates.
For contact information, see our Mass Times listing or download our Diocesan Directory.   Marriage Preparation courses are also listed in our Events block. 

If this is a subsequent marriage for you or your intended, you may need advice on annulment. Visit our Matrimonial Tribunal page for details. 


I'm contemplating Religious Life. Where do I learn more?

Our Vocations page is a good start, listing websites and links for more information. 
Also, contact your parish priest.