"I am responsible for the lives of all your father's house."
1 Samuel 22: 22


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Responsible Ministry within the Diocese of Antigonish:

The Diocese of Antigonish has a responsibility to provide a safe and caring environment of respect and dignity for its faith community. The Diocese recognizes a duty of care to all in the faith community to minimize risk and to provide a safe environment in an open, transparent, and accountable manner.



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Professional Standards Committee
Bishop Brian Dunn
Ms. Helen MacDonald, Chair
Rev. Paul Abbass
Rev. Charles Cameron
Dr. Ann Frances D'Intino
Mr. Jim Gogan
Rev. Norman MacPhee
Mr. Greg Purvis
Dr. John Rogers
Ms. Carolyn Toomey
Mr. Wayne Yorke

Advisory Committee for Responsible Ministry
Mr. Frank Howell, Chair
Mr. Clarence DeYoung
Ms. Marie Duggan
Ms. Lexie Giacomantonio
Mr. Kevin Gillis

To report an incident of abuse or misconduct, contact:

Rev. Charles Cameron
ph 1-902-863-4373


The Protocol for Responsible Ministry provides guidelines and direction for the screening and supervision of volunteers and staff.

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Policy Dealing with Offensive Behaviour (Discrimination and Harrassment)
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Policy for Responding to Complaints of Misconduct
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