September 26, 2009



Dear Father:


Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of Most Rev. Raymond J. Lahey as Bishop of the Diocese of Antigonish and has appointed me Apostolic Administrator effective September 26, 2009.


Bishop Lahey has resigned for personal reasons. We are grateful to him for his dedicated and generous service to the Diocese. Let us all hold him up in prayer.


I have accepted to serve in this capacity as Apostolic Administrator, for a time of transition, to assure continued pastoral care and support for all the priests, religious and laypeople of the Church of Antigonish. I am counting on your collaboration and prayerful support.


I hereby renew all pastoral and curial appointments and I ask that this information be communicated to your parishioners at all Sunday Masses.


                                                                        Sincerely in the Lord,

Anthony Mancini

Archbishop of Halifax and

Apostolic Administrator of Antigonish